Essential Travel Gears!

1. Essential Hiking clothes Warm joggers and Warm Clothes Trousers and t shirts Socks Pack Mountains Caps/ Caps Raincoat and Travel pillow Gloves 2. Hiking backpack or Rucksack Travel Backpack/ Rucksack Duffle Bag 3. Hiking gear for North Pakistan Hiking Sticks, Hiking boats Sunglasses, Sunblock Torch or head lamp Waterproof backpack case Charged phone, Power […]


A walk to remember… Because even if your feet hurt, you find a lot more then just trees or leaves or animals … That’s the air purifying your soul and the optimistic thoughts you get …. You learn more about nature … Well, the more I say the lesser it gets so most importantly you […]


Welcome to my travel blog about the beautiful blossoms tours of Pakistan,   particularly exploring the Hunza, Skardu, Kashmir, Chitral, and Swat areas. Pakistan is a land of incredible natural beauty, rich culture, and hospitality that will leave you in awe. Blossoms tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the best of Pakistan’s stunning locations […]