From Freepic

1. Essential Hiking clothes

Warm joggers and Warm Clothes

Trousers and t shirts

Socks Pack

Mountains Caps/ Caps

Raincoat and Travel pillow


2. Hiking backpack or Rucksack

Travel Backpack/ Rucksack

Duffle Bag

3. Hiking gear for North Pakistan

Hiking Sticks, Hiking boats

Sunglasses, Sunblock

Torch or head lamp

Waterproof backpack case

Charged phone, Power Bank

Hand Sanitizer, Mosquito Repellent


4. Food and drink for Travel in Mountains

Water purifier bottles

Water Bottles

Food –  dry and chloric food as Much as you can carry

Water – enough just isn’t enough

Paper tissues – day hike essentials. They’re also my toilet paper.

5.Hiking Important hygiene

Antibacterial wet wipes – very useful before having a snack.

Sunscreen –

Lip balm – not leaving home without it.

6.  Essentials Documents

ID Card/ Passport

Health card

Vaccination card

Polio Card where Needed

Driving license

Local sim card/ SCOM

7. Camera Essentials



Mice and Headphones

Camera Box


Extra Batteries

8. Paper map for Complete Route

A map is light and doesn’t take much space – it’s a crucial element of hiking equipment, Offline maps are awesome, but you can’t be sure your smartphone suddenly goes flat.

9. Additional stuff for hikes

First aid kit, Camping stove, Quick-drying towel, Energy gels 

Soluble supplements, Thermos flask

List Organized by Sheikh Umar Nazir